Once it was the Realm of Torment. The final destination of all souls tainted by evil. Where every sin was met with an equal punishment. But, no longer.

My father's father tells me in time past that the denizens of hell rebelled against the gods, who had turned they home into a cosmic prison. They rebelled against the lost souls, who they saw only a bringers of chaos into their realm. They even sought to slay Satan, who they saw as a petty and uncaring ruler. What would come to be known as the War of Ascension raged for centuries, as many armies sought to strike at the very heart of hell- The Throne. 

As the Ruler of Hell, Satan had power unimaginable in this realm. Power enough to crack the ground under the feet of advancing armies. It seemed no forced could stop him and yet, in the end, it was a single hero wielding a lost power that finally slew the archdevil.

But power abhors a vacuum. To end the warring that hero took the Throne for himself. And now, the Lapis Emperor sits on the seat of Hell's Government.

Hell no longer knows constant war but the new order has brought civil strife and racial tensions.

The Onyx Army doesn't want the Lapis Emperor on the Throne- in fact, they do want anyone on the Throne.

Vigilantes who don't agree with the Caldera Decree are taking the torment of evil into their own hands.

Meanwhile, the lost souls condemned to hell, even those with minor sins, are unwanted by every fiend in hell- but that doesn't stop them arriving by the score.

Living Hell